VanFlair’s Fashion Spotlight

This week’s VanFlair Fashion Spotlight is Karrueche Tran! She is not only blessed with an amazing body and beautiful face, she can also pull off almost any outfit. I mean, have you seen her Instagram lately? Her posts are filled with the latest trends and not to mention, her red

Vanflair’s Artist Spotlight

  Who says dancers can’t be artist? I took dance classes all my life, and one dancer I looked up to was Ms. Kaelynn Gobert Harris better known as “Kay Kay”. She has inspired me every since I saw her dance videos on YouTube and she continues to blow me

Adele’s New Album ’25’

Okay beauties! Adele’s highly anticipated new album dropped sooner than we thought! The album release date was set for November 20, but got leaked online before the release date. The album has already sold 900,000 digital copies on iTunes and CD sales are expected to be close to 1.5 million.

13 YouTube Beauty Vloggers You Should Subscribe To!

1. Youtube Channel: Missy Lynn If you are obsessed with fashion and beauty, Missy Lynn is the channel for you. Her videos and tutorials will show you the don’ts and don’ts of fashion and beauty. 2. Youtube Channel: ItsMyRayeRaye For the girls with bold lips and insanely voluminous hair, this

Healthy Hair Tips

1). Wash every two weeks  Your hair builds up dirt and dandruff, that’s when it’s time to wash it. You don’t want to wash your hair to often because it will dry out and break off. 2). Let your hair air-dry When you constantly put heat on your hair, it


The hot trend for the fall are Bomber Jackets! Originally created for pilots during World War I, Bombers or “pilot Jackets” were designed with a higher and softer neckline to keep the wind out and generally to keep pilots warm. in the 90’s these pilot jackets were original army green.

Cooking In The Kitchen with Ayesha Curry!

Chef Curry with the pot boy! You might know Ayesha Curry as the wife of Golden State’s guard, Stephen Curry. While being an amazing wife and mother, Mrs. Curry also chefs it up in the kitchen. I was so excited when I heard she was coming out with a cookbook

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